Shipping and Tracking

Q: How long time shall I expect to receive the goods ?

A: Shanghai: we could deliver the goods to your home, office, hotel, a fix meeting point in Shanghai. We usually deliver the goods in the next day of your order. If you are in a hurry condition, we could do the same day delivery specially.

   Other Cities in China: it takes 2 to 3 days for delivery by express.

   Other countries world wide:  Here is an estimated delivery time to different country.

CountryShipping TimeTracking Website
USA10 to 15 daysUSPS.COM
Canadaaround 20
Europe Countriesaround 15 days
Italyaround 20 to 30
Russiaaround 10 to 20 days
Asian Countriesaround 10 to 15
Australia10 to 15 days
Brazilaround 30 days
Argentinaaround 30 to 40 days
Othersvary from 10 to 30 days

Q: How could I track the shipping ?

A: Domestic Order: You will receive the tracking No. in your order complete email. If it is by S.F. Express, you could track it through following link:

If it is by Yunda Express, you could track it through following link:

If you already register in our website,you could also login to track the order directly in your dashboard.  

International Order: you will have the tracking No. in the order complete email. After 3 days( this is the time for transportation in China), you could track the international shipping status in 4 methods as follow:

1. track the parcel on the official Postal website in your country

2. If you are a registered customer, you could login the dashboard, then click the link to track the parcel.

3. track the parcel through this website:

4. Contact us for info

Q: Which courier do you use for shipping ?

A: Domestic Shipping: We ship the goods through S.F. Express and Yunda Express in China. Sometimes, we also deliver the goods by ourselves in Shanghai.

SF Express1Yunda Express2



International Shipping: We ship the goods through SF International, SFC, China Post E-packet, 4PX and etc. to different countries world wide. The goods will be delivered by national post system in your country, such as USPS, Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, Australian Post and etc.

new shipping1


new shipping2new shipping7

new shipping3new shipping5new shipping6





Q: What should I do if the goods get lost, damaged or meet some exceptional condition in shipping ?

A: Lost: This may happen in international shipping. We have a tracking No. for all the orders more than $15. If the courier confirms that they lose the goods during transportation, we will resend you another one in this matter.In the condition that the courier does not confirm that the parcel get lost, please read the Warranty Policy.  


If it is convenient for you, please take a photo and send it to our email:, we will refund your payment or send you another one by your choice, no need to return the goods back to us in this condition.

Other exceptions in shipping

We do not take any responsibility for other exceptional conditions in shipping, such as custom clearance, tax duty, VAT, wrong delivery address, weather impact, strike and etc.