RBA Resistance Wire Spool Dispenser,RBA Wire Elastic Band


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This elastic band could help you to tamer the RBA wire around the spool.
You just need to do it as the following steps.
step1: put the elastic band around spool
step2: feed the wire into the dispensigng hole of the band
step3: grasp the tab,pull to dispense. The spool will rotate freely while dispense
It fits the spool diameter less than 2.5cm/0.98″
It fits the thin wire like Kanthal, titanium, stainless steel,Ni200.
It could not dispense the thick wire, like clapton, fused clapton, juggernaut and etc.
Please take a note to the diameter of your spool and type of RBA wire.
Pack includes 5pcs elastic band.

Tutorial for how to use spool tamer


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