PANZER MOD Instruction

PANZER is a fully mechanical MOD, there is no glue and electronic circuit in this device.

1  Disassemble PANZER as follow:


2  If you use a 18350 900mAh battery, please choose out the central tube, top floating pin and bottom button.


3  Adjust the length of floating pin, until it could touch the positive pole of the battery when you assemble those parts together.

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It is ready now, you just need to connect it with an atomizer, then you could start to vape.

4  If you use a 18350 2600mAh battery, you need to assemble all the metal tube together in the same way. Then it will be ready for use.


5 You need to take out the battery, and charge it separately through the home charger. When it is fully charged, the led light on the charger will turn from red to green, usually it takes around 8 hours to fully charge the 2600mAh battery.