Kanger TOGO MiNi Review-Part I

This is the newest Kanger TOGO MiNi starter kit. This is the authenticity verification sticker, it is black color. Let’s take a look what’s in the box.

This kit contains 1pc TOGO MiNi, 1pc 0.5ohm CLOCC heating coil, made of stainless steel heating wire. 1pc 1.0 ohm CLOCC, made of NiCr (NiChrome) heating wire.

TOGO mini is very small. Width is 44mm, height is 57mm.

Compare with CUPTI

It also improves its surface paint, the paint is not easy to drop off or get scratch any more.

It has built in 1600mah battery, so that you do not need to purchase a separate battery any more. click 5 times to activate it, the led light indicates the power level from 1 point to 5. It is 4 points now.

This is mini RBA deck. TOGO mini kit does not include it. I guess it may work with TOGO mini as well. So I am going to review TOGO mini performance with CLOCC and CLRBA in my Part II video.

Kanger TOGO MiNi Review-Part II-By the use of CLRBA