E-pipe Instruction

E- Pipe Instruction


Step 1: Twist off the atomizer part from the E-pipe



Step 2: Twist off the bottom part from the glass tank. If the coil stick to the chimney, use pincers holding the side of the coil to twist it off from the chimney. Do not pull the buttom pin, or it will damage the coil.



Step 3: Fill E-liquid along the glass tube, do not drop the E-liquid into the center hole of the chimney. Then twist back the bottom part to the glass tank. The atomizer part is ready for use now.




Step 4:  Twist off the top lid from the E-pipe head. Put the battery into the E-pipe head, the positive electrode should be upwards and negative electrode should be downwards, twist back the top lid,then the power could get through. Then twist back the lid tightly to its position. Now E-pipe head is ready for use.


battery electrode

Step 5: Twist back the atomizer part to E-pipe head tightly to ensure a good connection between the two parts.  Press the power button and suck the mouthpiece at the same time, you will receive a great vapor from this E-pipe.



Step 6: After you use this E-pipe for a while, you may need to replace the heating coil. Just twist it off as the following picture, and install a new one into the hole of the base. Then it will work again.



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  1. Straight out of the box, the only problem i had with this set up was the tank. Its a vivi nova top coil tank, which in itself did not match perfectly with a set up (pipe and tip’s style of leaning it down almost virtically).

    there was a burnt taste due to this, and here is my step by step process of elimination for fixing it:

    1.) i did some searching and found that too many wicks can restrict e-juice flow, so i removed 1-2 wicks.
    2.) the plastic cap on the inside of the tank is also a factor is e-juice flow restriction, so i cut two slits on each side to remove pressure on the wicks ( i would suggest removing one wick then doing this part)
    3.) after all of that, i notices that i could neither fill this tank fully to the top nor let is drain past the 2.1ml mark, which was a bit of a hassle. once the juice goes below that mark, after a while you will get a burnt taste no matter if you did steps one and two. this is because the wicks dont soak up the juice fast enough i think. the solution to this would be to tilt the pipe when vaping to an angle, where the golden cap on the top is flat, not angled. you could also experiment with different e-juices, probably more VG would help this.
    4.) after doing all of this, it works great. i do plan on investing in a bottom coil tank to see if that is a better choice however.

  2. UPDATE: after ordering a higher VG blend, ive concluded that this tank (vivi nova) for some reason has a hard time with higher vg blends. i get less vapor with this tank on more vg.

    • I use 80% VG blend here, and do not find out ViVi Nova tank reduces the vapor. Highly recommend lucky E-liquid 80% VG blend in USA on EcigChain.com.

  3. Love the pipe, but can’t seem to get the batteries to recharge.

    What am I doing wrong?


    • When you charge the battery, does the led light in the charger turns from red to green ?

      If the battery gets fully charged, how long will it last ?

      You should have two batteries, all of the two batteries could not recharge ?

      If the battery gets fully charged, but runs out of energy very quickly, i advise you get a new 18350 battery, or maybe the charger.


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