E-hammer Instruction

E-hammer is a mechanical MOD, there are no wires just contact plates that activates the battery when pressing the power button.

The Hammer MOD kit includes:

1pc Hammer body, 1pc 18650 (2600mAh) battery extension tube and 1pc 16340 (1300mAh) battery extension tube.

The Hammer can also use 18350 (900mAh) battery without using extension tubes.

E-hammer MOD-1

Step 1: Twist off the button part of the Hammer body.

E-hammer instruction-2

Step 2: Twist off the connection ring threaded onto the button piece. The connection ring will either be on the button piece or on the Hammer body, where the button threads onto the body.

E-hammer instruction-2

Step 3: Put the connection ring onto the battery tube you wish to use.

E-hammer instruction3

Step 4: Connect the assembled battery tube onto the hammer body.

E-hammer instruction4

Step 5: Insert the battery into the hammer, the anode (positive side) should facing towards the button.

E-hammer instruction 5

Step 6: Thread the button onto the E-Hammer body or extension tubes, you now have a complete E-Hammer. All that is left to do is screw your tank onto the top threads of your hammer, then you can start vaping.

E-hammer instruction 6

Tips: When you are wanting to put your MOD down but don’t want to take out the battery, turn the middle ring on the button part of the MOD towards the button, it will lock the button so you cannot accidentally activate the battery.

E-hammer instruction 8

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